Identity Direct going strong after 20 years

Identity Direct has used the popularity of personalised products for children and families to become one of the biggest and most popular stores on the internet for these types of products.

The company is now celebrating it’s 20th year in operation and continues to be more successful than ever. The company was founded by Linda Greene in 1992 and her idea for the business came from seeing personalised books that were not of the quality that she believed they should be.

With this drive, she launched a range of personalised books called the My Adventure Books collection and formed Identity Direct. The premise behind these books is that they allow the child to feel like they are part of the story and get immersed in the adventure.

The company has now expanded it’s offerings to New Zealand, Australia, Canada, UK and the US and have expanded their product line to now include thousands of products.

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Why i switched to contact lens

When you’re growing up, one of the main things that you want to avoid is wearing glasses. It was always seen as a geeky or ugly thing to have worn glasses and therefore you would try at any cost to avoid wearing them.

The stigma around glasses is that they are designed for geeks and nerds and who want’s to be associated with that kind of view when they are growing up and surrounded by bullies. The worst part is when you have really thick glasses, this makes it even worse to have to wear glasses. The issue with hating wearing glasses is that when you have to read the board in class, it becomes extremely difficult unless you have them on.

These days though, contacts have made life so much better for those of us with bad vision. Contacts allow us to feel like we do not have glasses at all. You can buy contacts online as well know. Places like Vision Direct are places that make it easy to buy contacts online. You can also get a Vision Direct coupon which reduces the cost of your purchase as well. This makes it more affordable for younger kids and students.

Australia pays more for IT goods

It has been long suspected that Australia pays more for IT products that is fair. Australians are used to paying more for their products due to geographic location. Things that cost a lot to bring here such as cars, TV’s and other items which have a lot of regulatory red tape to get through, understandably need to be sold for more to.

On the other hand, Australian’s would not expect that items which small items and items that are delivered electronically, wouldn’t be sold for much more than a premium on top of the exchange rate. This, however, is not the case. Companies such as Adobe and Microsoft have been found to be ripping Australian consumers off according to a government survey.

The report has stated that there are two actions that need to be taken by multinationals when trading with Australia. The first is the removal of the geoblocking that occurs. Geo blocking prevents Australian’s from accessing a company’s overseas website.

The second action is the lifting of a ban which prevents companies from doing an parallel import of overseas products.

The cost of higher IT products has seen Australian companies become less competitive and therefore makes it harder for companies to compete with international companies.



Lenovo Thinkpad Tablet 2

Lenovo is getting itself into the tablet game by releasing the Lenovo Thinkpad tablet 2. The ThinkPad Tablet 2 runs Microsoft Windows 8 Pro and allows you to use it as a tablet or with a dock. The dock can be purchased separately and if used, turns the device into a PC.

The Lenovo ThinkPad 2 comes in a number of configurations depending on the specification level you want. The processor on the tablet is a 1.8GHz Intel Atom Z2760 and comes with 2GB of RAM and a 64GB SSD for super fast performance. The ports on the device include a USB port, Micro SD memory card, a micro HDMI port and a SIM card slot. The SIM card slot makes it compatible with Australian mobile networks.

The device weighs just over half a kilogram and is 9.8mm thick. The device is solid and has a great build quality.

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Visting Brussels

When you first visit Brussels, the first thing that you will most likely notice is the amazing architecture present in the city. Brussels is one of the most impressive and historically intact European cities.

Brussels is the capital of Belgium and is a wonderful place to visit if you want to see a merging of the old world with the new world. Most of the population of Brussels can now speak English however most will fluently speak French or Dutch. There are lots of places to stay in the city but with a Hotels discount code, you can get a great deal from

Here is a list of things that you must do if you visit Brussels.

Firstly, one of the major landmarks is the Atomium. The Atomium is a piece of architecture that was built in 1958 for the World Exhibition. The structure looks like a atom configuration and has walkways through it’s spheres and joins. Within the spheres you can experience a number of different art exhibitions.

Secondly, the main art building in the city is called Bozar and has a long history of culture. The building was erected in 1928 and has been restored and now shows an amazing collection of art and culture.


Google eBooks expanding to Australia

Google e-Books is the new front in the electronic age for Google and with the right strategy, will be a lucrative business for the internet giant which seems to have it’s fingers in everything.

Google e-Books was launched last year to much fan fair in the US before rolling out to the UK and Canada in the past few weeks and Australia this week.

To break into the Australian market, Google has partnered with Australian book giants, Dymocks and Booktopia, with the two offering Google’s eBooks for sale through their websites. The two retailers will become wholesalers for Google’s eBooks.

In terms of numbers, the Google store has hundreds of thousands of titles available for purchase and millions of books that are available for free. The books will be in ePub and PDF formats and can be read on most eBook readers.

Booktopia has fast become one of the biggest online book retailers in Australia. A Booktopia promo code is often available which also attracts consumers.

The Wiggle success story

One of the biggest international bike stores was born in the UK and goes by the name Wiggle. has had a huge amount of success over the past few years and has been able to grow at a time where cycling as a sport was starting to hit its straps.

Wiggle is owned by a private equity group, Isis Equity Partners, and as such, is keen on building a valuable business and selling it off for a tidy profit. Wiggle has benefited from increased popularity in cycling due to popular races such as the Tour de France and the of course, the spectacle that is  the Olympics. The company will now likely look at floating at some stage in the future.

Wiggle’s sales has multiplied over the past few years and has now exceeded 100 million pounds with profit growing to over 40%. With retail sales worldwide being hugely soft, the company has been able to achieve a phenomenal result. The result is more amazing when you find that the company started as a little independent bike store in Portsmouth in 1920.

The company has captured huge market share buy selling worldwide and offering prices that many find it hard to compete with. The company also often gives consumers a Wiggle coupon to use with their purchases.

With the number of cyclists exceeding 13 million people in the UK alone, the growth in sales for Wiggle is set to continue on.


Lets talk about New York

It’s probably the most popular city in the world and one of the most famous. New York is a place that you can’t go through life without visiting once.

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New York is the 3rd most populated city in the USA and is known as a cultural and financial centre.

New York has some major attractions that are a must see if you visit the city.

The first is Central Park. As it’s name suggests, Central Park is a huge park in the middle of the bustling city and has areas where you can walk, have a picnic, ride your bike or feed ducks.

Times Square is also another popular place to visit. Times Square is often seen in movies and tv shows and is often used to depict New York City.

The other place to visit is the Empire State building, one of the most popular and well known buildings in the world.

Weight watchers – most popular diet of 2012

Diet fads come and go but not many stand the test of time. One diet plan that consistently does is the Weight Watchers program.

Not many people realise this but Google keeps track of the most searched diets each year and for the fifth year in a row, Weight Watchers has topped the list. The ranking is based on which diet plan gets the most website hits and discussion over the year. The diet plan captured 5 percent of the traffic and a huge amount of comments from users. Coming in second and third position was The 17 day diet and Medifast respectively.

The list strongly points to which diet plans are actually used because the engagement and discussion arises from people getting feedback from other users on their progress and tips.

Weight Watchers Australia have had a lot off success in helping people keep weight off. Try the program yourself with a Weight Watchers free trial code available online.

Billabong fails to make waves

One of the biggest downfalls in the business world over the last few years has been the dramatic decline of the once powerful retail giant, Billabong.

Billabong has been performing extremely poorly worldwide due to the worldwide recession. It has reached a point where a buyout looks like the only way out for the company. There are currently reported to be two private equity firms looking at the company, both based in the US.

The company’s shares hit a record high of $14 back in 2007 but are now at a low of around 70 cents. The shares dropped a massive 20 percent however made a slight recovery today of 8 percent when news spread that the two private equity companies were still interested in the company.

The price offered by both companies was $1.10 a share subject to them running through the company’s books.

Billabong have some great performing assets, one of which is their online company purchase, SurfStitch. SurfStitch has been a consistently good performer and much of this is due to their promotional efforts such as offering consumers a SurfStitch promo code.