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How to make the most of your Instagram app to Promote your business

How to make the most of your Instagram app to Promote your business

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In the year 2010 two Stanford university fellows founded a startup that revolutionized the way people share photos and videos. Two years later, they sold the app that had more than 5 million users to none other than Facebook for an astonishing two billion US dollars. Since the day it was launched on apple store people went bonkers about it. The use of Instagram in content marketing service is no secret and no surprise. People who are aware of content marketing knows how essential social media tools like Instagram is to their business. Click here to know about content marketing

Little did we knew about the marketing and brand promoting side of it until celebrities and brands started using it. And soon Instagram became a new horizon for social media marketing for every brand, individual and business alike. Now it has become an integral part of content marketing strategies to reach out to potential customers.

How to become popular on Instagram

There are hundreds of articles and guides on how to get hundreds of Instagram followers in an hour, thousand in a week and millions of followers in a month. But the real deal is known to few. The fact is, social media has become smart enough to distinguish between active and inactive followers. Content marketing service requires an agile strategy to deliver fresh content to the public.  What I am going to explain here will help you win real followers.

Profile & Content

Your username defines who you are, it should be a well thought out name that singles you out from the crowd but at the same time it should be easy & simple. This is essential for content marketing professionals to influence followers. Similarly, your content represents your thoughts, actions and motives. It’s best to take some time out and try few perspectives before you actually publish your content. Your content should be highest quality possible, no matter how many filters and photo editing you apply if your image or video quality is not good it’s probably not worth it.


Hashtags are your callouts; specifying the theme of your post. Everyones who is using Instagram knows the influence of using hashtags in your post. But not everyone knows the art of using the appropriate and trending hashtags that can achieve the most. An active part of content marketing service, using a hashtag is a good practice to use a mix of both the most popular and the ones most relevant to your brand/business or location. It’s better to do some research. Websites like Top Hashtags always work as a lifeline and one should certainly make use of it in order to get some inspirations.


Content marketing tells us to make the most of your fans and followings, interact with them and keep them indulged with your posts. You can’t just post and sit back to see following coming your way. It takes a sweat, a real networking to do the job. Use Instagram analytics and find out where real followers are coming from. Websites like IconSquare helps a lot in this regard.

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