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How Do You Attach A Brick Veneer To A Wall?

How Do You Attach A Brick Veneer To A Wall?

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You must already know by now that brick veneer is the most popular and favorite of many when it comes to the wall finish. If you are wondering why? Well, there are many reasons out which one to name is the aesthetic looks which this finish offers. Not only the appeal is mind-blowing but also the sort of security it offers.

You must by now have the idea of the installation process now let’s dive deep into the installation process which if followed properly they won’t be any hard nut to crack. This article has got you covered as it will provide you with a detailed guide in the installation. As you must already know that a certain level of skill is required for the installation of the brick veneer.

Which Tools For Installing Brick Veneer?

You need to make use of few tools which are recommended for installing brick veneer and those are a hammer, roofing nails, hammer tacker, wheelbarrow, hoe, tin snips, staples, level, chalk line, circular saw, grinder, dust mask, grout bag, glasses and brush with soft bristles.

Preparing Surface For Attaching Brick Veneer Auckland

After getting all the vital things for the process you need to ensure a proper preparation of the surface. You have to be very extra careful and all the dirt must be removed along with any traces of oil, plaster or paint. Remember never to forget the chipping of paint surfaces which exists over the wall. You can’t install the brick veneer unless you brush way the flaky bits.

Metal Flashing

After preparing the surface you must start from the corner for installing the brick veneer. You have to get the metal flashing installed over the top of brick which will act as a support of your brick veneer. Make sure that the outer edge of the metal flashing is turned down on to the ledge whereas the inner one must be turned down on to the sheathing. Now it is time to place the full brick over the top corner and a half one below it. You have to make sure that this loop of activity continues to the ceiling.


Now you need to level the veneer. You can do this by preparing the mortar first. That mortar must be laid on the foundation ledge. You must install the leads over the edge of walls for establishing the planes of the wall. You can’t ignore the leveling in the first course else then you will never achieve the finished look if the foundation will not be appropriate.


Now it is time for putting the adhesive over the edge of the brick. After applying the adhesive, use a pressure of your hands to place the brick over to the wall. You need to make use of the mortar and press it into the joints.

Anchoring And Finishing

After repeating the placement of the brick veneer Auckland you need to anchor that by the use of brick anchors. Alternatively, you can make the use of wall ties for anchoring to the sheathing. Once the mortar hardens you can give it a finishing look.


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