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How Do You Clean Greasy Venetian Blinds?

How Do You Clean Greasy Venetian Blinds?

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The wooden Venetian blinds are accessories that are a great complement decor but can bring some headaches associated with cleaning. But do not fear, because with these tips you can keep your venetian blinds always clean and in perfect condition.

The uniqueness of venetian blinds made of wood

The pvc venetian blinds are beautiful and give your home a different look and style, but you will face problems while cleaning them. The plastic has more slats of smaller size, which makes it difficult to clean them properly, but they have the advantage that they can get wet easily and you can do a deep cleaning from time to time, by removing them from the window and submerging them in soap and water.

But wood venetian blinds are something particular because they are built with super absorbent woods, which endanger their consistency and can deform them if you use any liquid when you clean them. On the other hand, most of the varnishes and dyes that are used in these woods are not suitable for contact with liquids, which makes them more  difficult to clean.

How to clean venetian blinds made of wood?

To remove the dust and poor appearance of your pvc venetian blinds, the best advice is to clean them on a weekly basis. It is suggested that in the cleaning process you do not lean against the blinds or hold on to them if you cannot reach high enough, because you can risk breaking them or might even dislocate the slats from their place.

To begin with, identify if there is any particular spot and try to remove it with a paper towel, rubbing gently. In case the stain does not come off, you can use a wood cleaner, applying it first on a cloth and never directly on the blind, as it can cause damage.

Next, close the blind to make it plain and clean with a small and light duster or soft brush to remove dust. Then open the blind and clean the batten with a dry cloth. It is a good idea to use a cotton glove or a sock, whichever fits perfectly in your hand and can make cleaning easier. Always remember to start cleaning from the top down.

Additional advice

Check with the manufacturer of the pvc venetian blinds if there is a cleaning product recommended for that particular material, and use it if the blinds are covered in more than they should be. It is best to clean it regularly so that dust and stains do not clog up since they can create health problems as well as allergies.

Cleaning the pvc venetian blinds requires a bit more labor work when it comes to cleaning, but if you do it following these tips, you will see that it will become a part of your routine and will always be impeccable due to their higher quality construction and glossy design. By cleaning them regularly, their aesthetic will not be dulled out.

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