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6 Common Copy Machine & Printer Problems and their Solution

copy machine

If you have ever worked in an office then you must be aware of the frustration the copier machine must have caused you in Auckland. The printer does a very common job by just copying stuff from one document to another but no one is aware of the incredible functionality it performs behind the eye frame.  There are a lot of common problems which you might face when operating the printer yet there is always a solution to that.

1 – Common Paper Jams In Copies Machine

Jamming of the papers is a way to a common error that is caused by the machine. If your paper size is wrong or you have an old paper loaded then your printer is most likely to cause troubles. The jams can be so complex then it can cause long delays. You shouldn’t wait for the machine to throw the paperback at you but manually pull out the paper and reload the proper sized paper with an accurate alignment. There exist paper dust which can lead to a clogged copier machine and other paper jams. If you really want to avoid the problem from occurring then you have to wipe off the additional dust.

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2 – Visible Lines On A Document

If your final finished copy has lines over it with streaks then this deformity in the process of printing can sweep away the floor beneath your feet. There a lot of reasons which are rooted to the problem. It is possible that you had substances stuck over the scanner mirror. It is possible that you get a drum blade which malfunctions. The other common source includes an issue with users. You can resolve the issue of substance by cleaning the scanner mirror properly. For other issues, you surely need to contact the photocopy machine service shop and get the components replaced.

3 – Faulty Toner

Another very common issue is of getting a message or a blinking red light of an empty and low toner. The toner issues can also be due to its malfunctioning. You simply need the replacement if your toner is empty but there are certain processes to follow if you have a malfunctioning toner. You need to know the proof of poor quality documents to the service provider of your of your printer. There are certain machines which are not compatible with specific toners. The quality of your printer will surely be disappointing if the correct toner is not used.

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4 – Wrinkled Edges

If your professional works turn out to be a wrinkled one then no matter how important information the paper carries, it will always be looked upon as a trivial paper.  The cause of such papers are feeds which are worn out. The rollers which are situated towards the exit can cause the pages to get jammed. The paper trays can also have moisture. If your paper tray has issues then purchase new ones from photocopy machine Service providers.

5 – Varying Contrast of Documents

If the contrast of paper is way too light or dark then it can ruin the quality of your document. You should reset the settings of the printer in case they go altered by mistake.

6 – Visible Spots

A bad drum can also cause this issue to go for its replacement. You need to be in touch with the service provider or better get his contact address in Auckland.


5 Tools to Accurately Measure Your SEO Performance

SEO performance

SEO Performances are significant in identifying the opportunities available online. SEO likewise has revolutionized ever since then. Here are the top 5 tools which may help you to improve it:

Agency Analytics

Agency analytics is one company whose SEO tools and service are over the board in regards to the offers and the pricing. The owners wanted to boost and facilitate the service clients. It was in the year 2009 that the two buddies and founder of agency analytics felt the absence of client service in the field of internet marketing. Many of the SEO services Auckland such as Kiwi Website Design followed the footsteps of Agency analytics and are working on to offer a user-friendly interface without any technicalities. The aim of this agency was to create an uncomplicated link with the clients which they found to be absent from the market. One of the cherries of Agency analytics is their Monitor Link Building Campaigns. This runs on to gather the data and monitors the track of the links which were destroyed earlier or were changed. Its deeper aim is to tap the most important links with the aid of trust flow metrics. These metrics are embedded in an automated report that works in the backlink.

Google Webmaster Tools

This is the best tool that beginners can use to know what’s actually going on with their website. This tool is supported by Google itself so apart from other adword programs it might assist as well. The process of payment and buying the traffic is a common one, but before one moves onto it. One must sign up for the GWT Google Webmaster Tools. The best thing about it is free of cost, unlike other SEO tools. It aids one by guiding on how to improve the Google traffic and what consequent steps should be taken for this.


SEMrush is one complete package for the professionals to build on page SEO. From position tracking, semantic collection to the competitive intelligence. Semrush has got one covered in all the sense possible. The analysis is in-depth, simple to comprehend and can be easily implemented into one’s digital strategies to increase the SEO performance.


Arhef is a more frequently updated SEO tool. It has its own set of perks that attracts a wide array of website owners and optimizers. Their customer service stands out on its own and does its job exceptionally well. The development cycle is quick and hence the frequent bugs are timely fixed through this. Ahref offers tailored learning resources which suit the individual needs and gives the optimizers the full access to reach the potential target for their sites.

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Majestic has shaken the way SEO performances were measured and viewed in the past. Its maps and surveys have made the greatest marketable link intelligence database around the globe. This acts as an internet map and its use is not just restricted to SEOs. But with gradual demand online marketing experts, media persons and affiliate managers have started using it. The level of access provided by Majestic is divided into 4 stages. The first is the limited version which happens to be free of cost. While the other three are congregated by the quantity of the reports to their API. Majestic SEO suggests the users opt for the normalized mode and instructs them to compare the domains so they can reach the closest comparable data on the page.

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